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Eyelash Extensions

Teresa Senbertrand
Certified Lash Artist

Featuring "Minky's"

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Available in Full & Partial Sets
       Appointment Required

Minky's customized lashes lengthen and thicken eyelashes with single strands of synthetic eyelashes that are curved to duplicate a natural eyelash. With Minky's there is no need for mascara, they can be worn for years and they look and feel completely natural. 

You will be completely reclined with your eyes closed while extensions are applied individually to your natural eyelashes. The procedure take about 55-90 minutes (depending on length and thickness) and is so relaxing many clients fall asleep. Minky's are perfect for everyday and special occasions. 

We now have customized lashes that will give your eyelashes the 'WOW' look that will last up to two weeks or longer with no touch-up needed.
We also have a new 'Volume Mix' for those desiring a fuller look.  
Customize your look with as many or as few lashes as you want

Removal of lashes by Professionals ONLY!

Recommended time between fill-ins is 3 weeks

Prices will vary depending on how many lashes

remain at time of fill-in


NIGHT OUT $95.00 +

      This look would be great for a night out or any other special occasion, but fill-ins are not recommended.

         Takes approximately 30-40 min. 

 CLASSIC FULL SET  starts at $180
         Individual Mink lashes. 

         Takes approximately 1 hour and 30 min. 


MEGA SET  starts at $220

          Thicker than classic, yet more natural than volume.

          This look will thicken the appearance of your lashes. 


VOLUME SET  starts at $280

          2D, 3D, 4D, 5D


CLASSIC TOUCH UP starts at $70.00


CLASSIC & VOLUME  TOUCH UP  starts at $100


There will be a deposit fee for appointment changes unless 48 hours prior notice is given.

Volume Set
Classic Set

Mixed Volume Set


Night Out Set

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